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NOTE Signature s must be stamped with a Medallion Signature Guarantee by a qualified financial institution such as a commercial bank savings bank savings and loan US stockbroker and security dealer or credit union that is participating in an approved Medallion Signature Guarantee Program. A NOTARY SEAL IS NOT ACCEPTABLE Signature of All Current Holders or Legal Representatives Date mm / dd / yyyy IMPORTANT You must complete both sides of this fo...
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Hi there I'm penny computer shares virtual agent in my job here I get a lot of questions concerning medallion signature guarantee so we thought it would be a good idea to answer some of those questions with a video we know that a lot of holders who wish to transfer securities have limited experience with this type of transaction in this video we are going to answer some of these questions first what's a medallion signature guarantee why do you need to secure medallion signature guarantee before you can submit your transfer request to a transfer agent such as computer share and finally where can you get this guarantee let's begin with our first question what is a medallion signature guarantee put simply the medallion signature guarantee is a stamp provided by a financial institution that's a member of a medallion program this medallion stamp certifies that the signature is genuine and that the person signing has legal binding authority to sign the transfer documents the guarantor of the stamp also assumes any financial responsibility associated with the endorsement don't confuse the medallion signature guarantee with others such as a notary public seal or a Commissioner for oaths stamp to be valid the medallion signature guarantee must look like the sample on this screen and in case you're wondering this is not your computer screen acting funny the medallion signature guarantee really is lime green the special ink is part of the security features built into the stamp our next question is why do transfer agents require a medallion signature guarantee before they will process the transfer of securities the answer is to help protect you and themselves against potential fraud the medallion signature guarantee provides transfer agents with the comfort that you are who you say you are for example your bank has done business with you often and has your signature on file your bank knows you AB computershare we rely on that it really the medallion signature guarantee is an industry standard all transfer agents rely on getting a transfer documents stamped with a valid medallion signature guarantee also accelerates the transfer process for you in most cases a transfer request stamped with the medallion signature guarantee is classified as a routine item at computershare we commit to having routine items processed and out the door within three business days and finally the requirement for a medallion signature guarantee applies to everyone and for every transfer you can be certain that all holders who want to transfer securities are treated fairly and equitably our last question was how can you obtain a medallion signature guarantee in the u.s. many many financial institutions are members of a medallion program so this request is quite common and most banks know exactly what you need when you walk in asking for one of those stamps in Canada most major banks credit unions and large brokerage firms participate in a medallion program and can provide you with...